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B.YOGA Basel * daniela fuentes

07:15 / open / all levels

26. Juli 2024

Room: Basso

Another Summer classic: join us this year at the Basso Verse beiz | bar | beats in St. Johann and shift your relationship with the urban space through your yoga practice, followed by a dip in the Rhein. 45 min of breathwork, conscious movement, and relaxation to start your day charging your vitality tanks and resetting your mindset. Practice only takes place with good weather. Register in our website schedule.

"Guerrilla Art- any anonymous work (including but not limited to graffiti, signage, performance, additions, decoration) installed, performed, or attached in pubic or private spaces with the distinct purpose of affecting the world in a creative or thought-provoking way."

from Guerrilla Art Kit, Keri Smith.

Your Teacher:

Daniela is a Mexican-born designer and a bodywork/Yoga facilitator based in Basel. Her work intersects artistic and design practice, Yoga and Somatics. Her work is framed and inspired in Eastern Philosophies, Transpersonal Psychology, Nature and Biomimicry as well as in Mexican, Shamanic and First Nation wisdom, science-fiction and Decolonial theory.

As a creative independent professional, Daniela has worked in diverse fields like graphic and editorial design, photography, documentary film, music and created works for museums like the Museum der Kulturen Basel. She has taught Yoga for over 20 years in studios and festivals in Europe and Mexico, being the current creative director and main teacher of B.Yoga Basel, the yoga studio she founded in 2006. Daniela has been a guest speaker and teacher at the Tedx Basel event & the Basler Frauenlauf in 2023.

Daniela believes our collective becoming has a strong relationship with the micropolitics of our own intimate personal space, and through transforming the connection with our own internal landscapes and affects, we influence how we connect with our communities and planet. 

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